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LANCE-MODIS Collections 6 & 6.1

VIIRS-LAND Collection 1





Data Flows

The data flow is shown in the diagram below. The session based L0 data for MODIS are ingested from EDOS. These are processed by PGE95 which removes duplicate packets, removes incorrectly time tagged data, and generates 5-minute L0 granules for processing by the standard PGE01 code (L1A and geolocation). The entrained attitude and ephemeris from the L0 data are used for Terra. However, a special PGE97 is required to generate the metadata needed to enable the Terra ephemeris data to be ingested by PGE01. For Aqua, the attitude and ephemeris GBAD data are ingested from the EDOS rate buffer. These are processed by PGE96 which generates, in turn, Aqua GBAD data in the L0 format and the toolkit format for PGE01. Both of these formats are archived for distribution. All EDOS data products are sent to the PDR server by EDOS and are ingested from there by LANCE-MODIS.

LANCE-MODIS Operational Data Flow

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