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L2 AMSR-E data products are available through LANCE-MODIS as of March 23, 2010

Starting on March 23, 2010, some Aqua AMSR-E data products will be available through the LANCE-MODIS system. The Short-Names and Products are:

  • AE_L2A: L2A Global Swath Spatially-Resampled Brightness Temperature
  • AE_Land: L2B Surface Soil Moisture, Ancillary Parameters, and QC EASE-Grids
  • AE_Rain: L2B Global Swath Rain Rate/Type GSFC Profiling Algorithm
  • AE_Ocean: L2B Global Swath Ocean Products derived from Wentz Algorithm

The products are based upon the NOAA NRTPE codes and they have been validated against the NOAA products.

The products will be available from the LANCE-MODIS ftp distribution server (pull) at and arrangements can be made for subscriptions (push) by contacting Michael Teague at 301-385-8398 or New users of the LANCE-MODIS system will need to register for a username and password with the EOSDIS User Registration System at

This distribution will be made on a temporary basis. The AMSR-E SIPS is establishing a new LANCE element and a wider range of near-real time products are expected to be available from the SIPS starting in July 2010. At that time distribution through LANCE-MODIS will be phased out with a two week overlap. The initial products distributed by the SIPS will be based on the NOAA codes. Towards the end of 2010 the SIPS will implement improved near-real time codes from the AMSR-E science team.

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