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Welcome to the LANCE-MODIS data system operated by the GSFC Terrestrial Information Systems Branch, Code 614.5. LANCE includes three near-real-time systems: the GES DISC AIRS and MLS systems, the OMI SIPS system, and this system. LANCE-MODIS provides certain Aqua and Terra MODIS L0, L1, L2, L2G, and L3 products on a near-real-time basis. On average, the L1 and L2 products are available within 2.5 hours of the observation time. LANCE-MODIS has two standalone systems to improve availability. Data products may be accessed from the FTP sites of either system.

Detailed information about LANCE-MODIS including the hardware configuration, the data flows, and metrics.

Data Products
Information about LANCE-MODIS data products including latency information, PGE versions, and a comparison of NRT and standard products.

Known Issues
Known issues with LANCE-MODIS data products.

User Services
Contact information for LANCE-MODIS user services.

Users must register before accessing LANCE-MODIS data products on the FTP Site.


LANCE Survey Underway - Give us feedback to improve LANCE!
Register for a brief survey to rate the near real-time products and services that NASA currently provides from LANCE. Please provide us with your name and email address to receive an email link from the CFI Group starting in late October inviting you to participate in the survey.

09.23.14 - Due to scheduled network maintenance, both the and FTP sites and the and web sites will be unavailable Wednesday October 1, 2014 from 6:30am to 7:30am EDT. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

10.09.12 - The Naval Research Laboratory and the University of North Dakota developed a value-added aerosol optical depth dataset based on MODIS Level 2 aerosol products. The NRL-UND product is a level 3 gridded product specifically designed for quantitative applications including data assimilation and model validation. This dataset has been given the ESDT identifier MxDAODHD
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